Les Contamines Montjoie - France 2003

Les Contamines once again provided the ideal location for a great skiing trip to France in March 2003.

Les Contamines Montjoie is one of the many skiing resorts located around the Mt. Blanc Massiv - Europe's highest mountain Mt. Blanc (4807m) is located in the the middle of this spectacular mountain range. The most famous town in the region is Charmonix which hosted the Winter Olympics in 1924. The Mt. Blanc Massiv is located largely in the Haute Savoie department of France, but spills over into Italy and Switzerland.

The weather was great, as can be seen on the photos, however the height and remoteness of Les Contamines helped to maintain the snow in good condition, despite the strong sunshine.

As usual the 'craic' was ninety in the group - with some fine cuisine (thanks once again to Patrick's mother for all the preparation in advance, plus some fine cooks on-board), lively conversations and card games - plus the varying tastes in music.

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